DIV 1 - PREMS vs University @ Ilam @ 2.45pm 

DIV 2 - vs University @ Ilam @ 1pm

Classics (Munchers) vs Sydenham @ Sheldon Park @ 2.45pm


$10 each - available from office or bar


Belfast Rugby Club Awards 2021

Open Grade Awards

Classics Grade (Munchers) Awards:

Best Forward - Mark Philip

Best Back - Hamish Sheppard

Players Player of the Year - Kyle Waller

Brown Bros Cup - Classics Player of the Year - Kyle Waller

Colts Awards:

Best Forward - Arden O'Donnell

Best Back - Yngve Jordan

Players Player of the Year - 

Colts Leadership Award - Damian Leary

Colts Trophy - Player of the Year - Conor Pilkington

Division 2 Awards:

Best Forward - Alex Banks

Best Back - Luke Palliser

Players Player of the Year - Kurt Moore

Sullivan Cup - Div 2 Player of the Year - Jarrod Connor

Pamment-Mansell Memorial Trophy - Corey McKenzie

Division 1 Awards:

Best Forward - Tadeo Andriani

Best Back - Jerome Taefu

Players Player of the Year - Melvin Pauni

Les McFadden Cup - Div 1 Player of the Year - Melvin Pauni

Club Awards

Golden Oldies: Clayton Cosgrove Personality Cup - Dan McGarvey

Wayne Smith Best Tackler Cup - Tom Goodland (Colts)

Clarrie Cassidy Cup: Top Try Scorer - Hamish Shepard and Tim Ray (Munchers) 

Presidents Cup - Noel Chapman

Ben Rudkin Cup: Member Contributing most to Junior Rugby - Kylie Collins

Mike Moore Cup: Club Captains Award - Neil Jackways

Murray Wilson Trophy: Club Administrator of the Year - Simon Wilson

Allan Adams Cup: Member who contributes most to the Club - Paul Loversdige

GG Don Memorial Cup: Player Achievement Award - Amenatave (Mena) Tukana

Ron Bell Memorial Cup: Colt of the Year - Tadeo Adriani

Wayne Horsnell Memorial Cup: Most Promising Player - Conor Pilkington

Allied Liquor Trophy: Clubs Personality of the Year - Heather Algar

Trevor Mundy Salvor: Player of the Year - Melvin Pauni